*Anamosa State Penetentiary

February 16, 2016 · # Anamosa State Pen · 0 comments

It seemed so simple. A representation of our abilities… and the paradigms and processes that we embrace…and a place for coffee…

We are a Midwest design firm. We are rooted in a landscape of functional sculptures and relentless organic rhythms of crops all bounded by a Cartesian grid and where nearly anything can be fixed with the proper application of baling wire. It is a simple model.

Our studio is intended to speak of this place in a way that does not cartoon the ideals we wish to reflect, but instead use deferential references that as an assembly will result in significance that is architecture – elevating the expectations of ourselves and acceptance of our clients. It is a simple goal.

The studio is open. There are no offices, no rooms with doors except for the toilets. This is how we work and learn. It is a simple system.

Location:  Anamosa, IA

Program:  Institutional

Area:  22,00 SF Addition

Client:  State of Iowa

Photo Credits:  ASK Studio