Greater Connections Childcare Center Greater Connections Childcare Center is a daycare that creates a supportive environment for learning, play, and growth – from infancy to adolescence. The plan is organized to maximize security and control at the main entry, create separate access for support services, and provide development spaces with direct access to outdoor play spaces. All spaces are connected to a single classroom mainstreet. Interior windows, set at varying heights speak to an audience of all ages – providing visual security for staff, a chance for parents to observe, and a glimpse into the future for younger occupants. The simple gabled rectangular building form embraces an economy of structure. Volumes are cut out of this rectangular form to create shelter, a play of light and shadow, and opportunity for material transitions. The vibrant red color signifies points of public access. The larger windows, signified by a colorful frame, emphasize entry to classrooms while allowing generous natural light. Greater Connections makes connections between indoor/outdoor and learn/play that make it a journey. Location: Creston, IA Program: Education Area: 14,544 SF Photo Credits: Joseph Kastner
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