The Cove At Kettlestone

May 27, 2020 · Work · 0 comments

The Cove at Kettlestone

The Cove at Kettlestone

This building serves as a quiet backdrop; a simple building for a simple program. Each element exists because it is significant.

Doors are camouflaged to simplify the structure’s presentation. Parapets are merely as tall as needed to adequately weatherproof. A screen to hide coolers is only a screen. An awning to house signage is just that. A pallet of four complementary materials selected for commodity and durability serve as an unassuming canvas.

In general, the retail center has come to define the shopping experience of Iowans. These other so called ‘strip-malls’ have become ubiquitous to the milieu of the mid-west. However, this project’s subdued presence makes it stand out.


Location: Waukee, Iowa
Program: Commercial
Area:  15,920 Sq Ft
Client: Build to Suit
Photo Credits: Joseph Kastner