Smash Park

May 27, 2020 · Gather · 0 comments

Smash Park

ASK Studio provided interior design for this entertainment venue that was unique to the State of Iowa.  A venue mixes food and drink with indoor/outdoor games; featuring pickle ball!  The design was driven by the client’s vision that was expressed exuberantly and passionately at every design meeting!  There was a belief (which became a resounding reality) that there was an untapped demand for an activity space that was the contemporary version of every hometown bowling alley.  The goal of the interiors was to represent through material and color the spirit of “fun”.

The color scheme was based on the corporate palette.  There were flashes of color to guide and direct to reception, rental and food.  The atmosphere was dependent on layers affording players and participants individual experiences within a space that can most succinctly be described as an indoor park with a bar.
The results are fun.


Location: West Des Moines, Iowa
Program: Commercial
Area: 26, 600 Sq Ft
Client: Smash Park Des Moines, LLC
Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell, Integrated Studio