Silver Oaks

December 27, 2018 · Live · 0 comments

Silver Oaks Apartments is a unique housing community situated on a hill just on the edge of downtown Des Moines. The program comprises affordable senior apartment units and a preschool. Because this project will serve seniors for years to come, the design had to consider its own longevity and challenge the definition of contemporary. An advantage of its hilltop location was its accommodation for enclosed parking at the lowest level. The project was also an exercise in stretching budget through design.

Typical building materials—such as concrete—were specialized by adding texture. Apartment units were maximized by designing for efficiency of space. Common spaces were designed to create a sense of community by allowing residents to interact with one another.


Location: Des Moines, IA

Program:  Residential

Area: 23,000 SF

Client: Neighborhood Development Corporation

Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio