Oakridge Teen Center

December 27, 2015 · # Oakridge Teen Center, Gather, Sustain · 0 comments

“Mission: To provide a safe, secure neighborhood with supportive housing, programs and services which build and develop the strengths of children, adults and families moving them toward sustained self-sufficiency and self-reliance.”

The Teen Center provides recreational services to the youth of the Homes of Oakridge, a 300-unit multi-family housing neighborhood. Included in the program is a gym, multipurpose room, exercise room, computer room and an office for staff. It is projected to be the first LEED Platinum building in an affordable housing community in the State of Iowa.

This project utilizes solar photovoltaic panels on the roof to provide most of the building’s energy. The soaring shed roof allows ample space for gymnasium activities as well as the opportunity to maximize daylight in the space. Shared interior windows pull light from the gymnasium into the auxiliary multipurpose room. The materiality and vibrant color on the envelope are a connection to both the existing apartment buildings onsite and the culture of much of the community’s residents.


Location: Des Moines, IA

Program:  Multipurpose/Recreation

Area: 3,680 SF

Client: Oakridge Neighborhood Services

Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio