Little Tigers Daycare

December 23, 2020 · # Little Tigers, Work

Little Tigers is a new childcare center that creates a safe space for respite and growth - encouraging the first steps on a long journey. The plan is organized to maximize security and control at the main entry, create a separate access for support services, and provide all development spaces with direct access to outdoor play spaces.

The simple gabled rectangular building form embraces an economy of structure. Volumes are cut out of this rectangular form to create shelter and a play of light and shadow. The vibrant orange color signifies points of access. Window sizes are scattered at varying heights to speak to an audience of all ages and provide a playful juxtaposition to the geometry of the building form

Little Tigers makes these first steps on their journey engaging ones.

Location: Adel, IA

Program: Education

Area: 4000 SF

Photo Credits: Joseph Kastner