Ligutti Tower Terrace

September 26, 2017 · Gather, Live, People · 0 comments

We look for opportunities to use metal in its simplest configuration. The beauty is found in the utility of its forms with simple requirements for weathering and exposure.

Our insertion on an urban rooftop uses metal as building structure, sculpture and boundary. With a simple and unadorned collection of metal components we create space, add layers and provide focus. All with a material that can withstand the winds of tall building canyons, while needing very little maintenance. Metal effortlessly is a vertical element, then a horizontal element. The collection of prefabricated elements are minimally detailed, allowing users to appreciate the forms and rhythms of frame, fluted decking and welded wire panels.

While rigid as structure and rhythm, metal is malleable in form and purpose. The structural frame begins as building, then transforms to trellis like no other material would allow.

The material is used simply highlighting characteristics that are uniquely metal.


Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Program: Housing, Urban Space

Client: Newbury Living

Photo Credits: Timothy Hursley