High Street Brickstone

February 27, 2016 · # High Street Brickstone, Live · 0 comments

This project is part of a series of distinguished brickstone style apartment buildings in Des Moines. Located in the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood, this project maintains the historical language of the neighborhood, while providing modern, quality amenities.

References to the historical neighborhood include details from the Victorian and Second Empire periods. The Second Empire tower on the Northeast corner is based on a tripartite design, creating a focal point for the building and creating a strong presence at street level. Primary entrances to the building on the north side are marked by metal stairs, as seen in traditional row and brickstone style housing. The units inside are a loft style with open floor plans and exposed duct work, with a variety of plan options that include fully accessible units.


Location: Des Moines, IA

Program:  Multifamily Housing

Area: 22,615 SF

Client: Hatch Development Group

Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio