Grant Terrace

February 19, 2016 · # Grant Terrace, Live, Preserve · 0 comments

A former historic elementary school in the heart of Oskaloosa reopened its doors to be gently adapted into an elderly living community. With its beautiful, historic trees and grand front lawn, the building has long been an icon within the community. Central to the project are its intent to preserve and to preserve with creative solutions.

The project was largely about considering new work as a frame to the old and never about a replacement. This is evident in the use of the existing plaster walls as beacons to the unit doors, with new spaces defined only through gestures of walls. This project’s use was successfully repurposed with negligible changes to the character and integrity of an historic site.


Location:  Oskaloosa, IA

Program:  Senior Living

Area:  20,510 SF Repurposing

Client:  Community Housing Initiatives

Photo Credits:  ASK Studio