Grand Prix

May 18, 2022 · # Grand Prix, Live · 0 comments

The Grand Prix renovation is an exemplary exercise in finding a structure’ architectural strengths in order to give it a marketable appeal. While it could simply be seen as a make-over, the process was one of respectful deconstruction rather than an applique of cosmetic layers. The project began with a recognition of proportion.  The number of moves made was determined by the mundanity of budget.

The Proportions were preserved, framed and highlighted.

Faux mansards.  Removed.

Unappealing railing were retained…deemphasized.

The materials were selected to be economical - black for drama and wood for warmth.

This building is giving new life and new appeal.  The retention of a built environment in a throw-away society is s sustainable success.  The project is simple, but thoughtful. 

It is found architecture.


Location: Des Moines, IA

Program:  Apartments

Area: 8,931 SF 

Client: Newbury Living

Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio