Fleur Heights Care Center

February 27, 2016 · # Fleur Heights Care Center, Live · 0 comments

"Professional Staff...Exceptional Care"

The client recognized a deficiency in nursing care dedicated to patients in need of extended surgical recovery. This project addresses the need for modern amenities and design not only for today’s aging population, but also for a younger generation who do not fit into the traditional nursing home model.

The project is a remodel of the assisted living portion of a nursing home to fourteen surgical recovery/nursing care rooms.

Modern design was addressed through the use of bright colors, organic textures and clean lines. What was once a dark, closed in space became bright and open through the implementation of LED lighting throughout and keeping commons spaces open to the corridors.


Location: Des Moines, Ia

Program:  Nursing Care

Area: 9,892 SF

Client: Pacifica Health Services

Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio