*Eastwood Apartments

February 28, 2016 · # Eastwood Apartments · 0 comments

“Cultivating opportunities for vibrant neighborhoods and communities.”

The Eastwood Apartments Renovation was built upon the concept of “new life, new image”. The renovation comprises two townhome buildings and two apartment buildings that were originally built in the 1970s. Renovations for accessibility, including three accessible units and an updated community room, were also needed.

Accessibility renovations were done at the lowest level of the split-level building, where a ramp was added. Utilizing Energy Star rated equipment and fixtures throughout the project spurred significant cost savings for the client through a rebate program sponsored by the city. The project has been a major uplift to the Eastwood community as well as the city of Ames.

Location:  Ames, IA

Program:  Multifamily Housing

Area:  58,500 SF Renovations

Client:  Community Housing Initiatives

Photo Credits:  ASK Studio