Chariton Multi-Family

February 27, 2016 · # Chariton Multi-Family, Live, Preserve · 0 comments

The Chariton Historic multi-family housing project is the rehabilitation of second-story housing stock around a county/city square. The project reinforces the basic tenants of density to enhance the vibrancy and import of the square by offering living spaces that have modern conveniences and systems, but remain true to the history of the square.

Central to the project is its intent to preserve, and to preserve with creative solutions. The project was accomplished with strict adherence to SHPO guidelines and the requirements of Iowa’s Green Streets sustainability criteria. The project rehabilitated spaces that have been unoccupied for decades - some were in frightful disrepair.

The final resultant is a quiet injection of a dozen or more full time main street residents, who shop downtown, walk downtown and “patrol” downtown. The square has additional movement, dollars and safety due to a gesture that added decades of life to buildings that are the built history of our State.


Location: Chariton, IA

Program:  Residential

Area: 8,444 SF

Client: City of Chariton

Photo Credits: Tara Maurer