3801 Grand

May 27, 2020 · Live · 0 comments

3801 Grand

The project scope was small in physical size.  It encompassed an entry, reception lobby and dining room.  The project intention, however, was to update the ambiance of the entire facility through the upgrades to these key spaces which illuminate the character of care afforded to the residents. It was the expectation of families and residents that the act of receiving guests be akin to a fine hotel and dining an experience similar to a select restaurant. 

The palette for the upgrades is warm and elegant, but stylistically the character in intentionally contemporary with cues from vogue examples of hospitality venues.  The design is a material assemblage staged around arrivals.  The first arrival of visitors to the reception and the second, but equally important the daily arrival of residents to the dining room.  Each arrival is a progression through layers of intimate space with the gravity of a hearth in the datum of both paths.

3801 Grand uses the hearth as a marker of home and a memory of welcoming.  It is a part of every arrival.  It is the thoughtful act of entrance.


Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Program: Housing
Area:  3800 Sq Ft
Client:  Newbury Living
Photo Credits: ASK Studio