Carlisle Care Center Link

by askstudio-wp_soho· February 27, 2016· in · 0 comments
The Carlisle Care Center Link is a means of connecting two buildings. The client owns two buildings adjacent to each other; one a skilled nursing home and the other an assisted living residence. The assisted living is contemporary to the skilled nursing home and after some time in operation, the client saw a need for indoor access between the two buildings. Additionally, there was a need for a physical therapy and salon space with proximity to both buildings. It is a sloped structure clad with translucent corrugated panel to bring in natural light and to act as a neutral element between the two buildings. The structure acts as a bridge with concrete piers to allow water to flow through the site.   Location: Carlisle, IA Program:  Senior Living Area: 1,520 SF Addition Client: Pacifica Health Services Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio    
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