Walnut Creek Park Shelter

by Brent Schipper· November 23, 2021· in · 0 comments
The Walnut Creek Regional Park Shelter is a structure that gives identity to a City’s park system and is the major built component of a regional park.  The building uses a simple functional layout with an emphasis on form to create a civic gesture on a modest budget. The shelter contains restrooms and protected cover to the park users. The roof form gives drama to the space and the use of natural materials allows the form to sensitively fit the natural beauty of the site.  Brick is used for longevity and low maintenance while the soaring roof form adds warmth to the space conceived as a century structure. The form is set away from the road for privacy of use and to draw people into the park through the invitation of the roof form. The shelter is designed for this place and creates this place. Location: Urbandale, Iowa Program: Government/Civic Area: 2,730  Sq Ft Client: City of Urbandale - Parks and Rec Photo Credits: Joseph Kastner      
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