Village on Main

by askstudio-wp_soho· November 28, 2020· in · 0 comments
The Village on Main is a three story, 50-unit affordable housing structure on the west side of the Village of Waunakee. It represents the first project of its type in Waunakee and is a part of the village’s primary east west corridor. The project takes cues from the classic ‘main street’ America. While budget is always the primary concern for affordable housing, this does not mean that affordable buildings should look affordable. Economy is achieved through simplicity, efficiency, and the uncommon uses of common materials.  Patio doors are used to frame views of the neighboring wetland. Single hung windows in pairs and trifectas draw light into units and diversify fenestration in an unexpected manner. The structure is situated as far south on the site as zoning ordinances would allow due to wetland constraints. The resultant footprint is a long double loaded corridor. The building frontage along the primary traffic corridor is punctuated by multiple colors and textures of siding. Every color change is accompanied by a parapet height change. The result is a welcome; welcome to the Village.   Location:  Waunakee, WI Program:  Multi-Family Residential Area:  16,727 SF Client:  Cohen-Esrey Photo Credits:  Joseph Kastner
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