Terry Trueblood Lodge

by askstudio-wp_soho· March 05, 2016· in · 0 comments
Located at the water’s edge, the Terry Trueblood Lodge provides a scenic indoor space for the community to hold large gatherings and business functions. The building consists of a large, dividable multi-purpose room, lobby area, kitchen, storage and restroom facilities which will be available to the general public at the park. The material palette for the lodge is borrowed from the existing structures in the park with exception to the copper siding. The copper siding is used to highlight important features such as the entry and the large scale fireplace. The building is composed of a low entry area intersecting with a simple exposed beam structure, relating back to the form of the existing marina. This repetitive structure continues past the building, creating a shaded outdoor gathering space overlooking the lake.   Location: Iowa City, IA Program:  Storage/Concessions Area: 5,867 SF Client: City of Iowa City Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio  
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