MacRae Terrace

by Brent Schipper· July 27, 2016· in · 0 comments
Housing projects can be used to intervene in the erosion of neighborhoods, but often it is difficult to support the costs of single family housing, even when the existing deteriorating stock is of that archetype. This particular intervention occurs on a site once occupied by a single family home on an intensely loud and fast street, adjacent to a bar and kiddy corner from an unused commercial structure. The development of the site was dim; but, it overlooked a park.   The building disengages from the noise and speed of the street. It visually connects directly to the beauty of the park with large expanses of glass and Juliet balconies opening to the sites tree-filled views. The fenestration is limited and functional on the other exposures. Thematically, the honesty of the fenestration is echoed in the massing of mechanical units on the building face, while the irregularity of elements such as siding and canopies are the building’s voice of embrace.   The building is all about life with trees.     Location: Des Moines, IA Program: Residential Area: 7,000 SF Client: Neighborhood Development Corporation Photo Credits: Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio 
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