It is a box.  A secure box.  A fort. The emulation of the fort upon which this community is founded. Fort: a work established for the defense of a land or maritime frontier, of an approach to a town, or of a pass or river. Although the term originally denoted a small fortification garrisoned by troops, in North America it was used to designate virtually any establishment—civil or military—associated with protection from adversaries, regardless of whether any actual fortifications were included. This fort is designated to protect from the adversaries of weather and to always protect the bounties of Snickers bars and Powerade. The box is skewed from the agrarian grid beyond.  It is the hub of the orientation of baseball.The walls are fort-like.  A nearly impenetrable concrete with form work echoing the palisades of the historic fort. The high windows ensure security because this fort will stand alone 99% of its existence.  The spaces are made pleasant by their daylight.   The glow of the evening designates this civil establishment. The structure is timbered.  The roof serves as a counterforts of sorts.  The strength of the members are obvious.  The colors are real. It is a fort that serves the […]
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