"The mission of Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation is to encourage, educate, challenge, comfort, support, and nurture persons as they become disciples of Christ." Like its congregation, the existing structure is one of several levels and layers. The resulting addition connects these levels and layers, both in the religious and physical senses. The north façade provides large expanses of glazing, which allows patrons a look outside and passersby a glimpse inside. In contrast, the south façade completes the addition by creating an enclosed courtyard that provides a private area for reflection. Its copper cladding embodies the spirit of the congregation with its change in architectural mannerisms. It departs from, as much as it pays homage to, the historic language of the existing structure.   Location:  Ames, IA Program:  Religious Area:  8,319 SF Addition Client:  Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation Photo Credits:  Cameron Campbell, Integrated Studio    
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